Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Release for iPhone, iPad, iPod-touch and ANDROID!

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Q: Not working properly or not starting up or black screen
A: (for iOS)
Verify ALL the following settings on your device(s):
iOS Settings--> iCloud--> Account : re-set to your account & password
iOS Settings--> iCloud--> iCloud Drive : ON
iOS Settings--> iCloud--> Easy Release : ON
iOS Settings--> scroll down to Easy Release, go into menus and ENABLE all options.
Then enable Use-iCloud in the Easy Release Settings

A: (for ANDROID)
Go to Android Settings --> Apps --> Easy Release --> Permissions --> allow ALL of them.
Also, make sure the SD card if you have one isn't full or locked.
IMPORTANT: Easy Release will only work from the main/primary account.

Sometimes your email app needs permission to access "temp space" to get PDF files from Easy Release:
Go to Android Settings --> Apps --> {YOUR EMAIL APP} --> Permissions --> allow ALL of them.
Q: Email Issues: Not sending or never received, stuck in outbox, etc.
A: ( for iOS )
1. Easy Release doesn't send the email itself, it requires the iOS Mail app, which must be configured with a valid email account and ability to send.
2. Sometimes when there is more than one email account configured on your iOS device the default can be set to the wrong one.
On the device, go to Settings --> "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" --> touch "Default Account" and change it to another one. This has no effect other than to change which email account is used by third-party apps.

A: ( for Android )
1. Easy Release doesn't send the email itself, it requires an email app be configured with a valid email account and ability to send.
2. Sometimes the wrong app gets set to be the "default" sending app and you want to change it: Settings --> Apps --> Easy Release, delete default setting.
3. Gmail App not attaching JPG: The issue is that the Gmail App isn't asking for the correct permissions.
If you go to Settings-> Apps-> Gmail-> Permissions and enable the "Storage" permission manually, then it should work.
Q: Blank PDF with only the title "MODEL RELEASE" at the top?
A: The previous version of Easy Release (3.1.140617) had a bug which caused it to occasionally create blank PDF's. Fortunately you can easily regenerate the PDF. The ONLY way to do it, that won't drop the model's signature is to go into the photographer's signature edit field.
Go to the release in question's summary page and scroll down to the Signatures section, then touch the PHOTOGRAPHER field and touch DONE. You don't actually have to re-sign it. Now scroll down to the PDF section and Tap to Create the new PDF.
Q: Android Menu Button Missing? Can't find Easy Release Settings?
A: Our latest release for Android adds a software Menu button, please upgrade to Easy Release v.2.0.161209
Q: "Restore Purchases" button for iOS In-App purchases missing?
A: Sorry for that, we don't know (but are working on it) why that "restore purchases" button doesn't always show up in the Easy Release settings.
You shouldn't hesitate to go through the Apple purchase path again to re-enable your In-App purchases as you would never be charged more than once for any purchase made with the same iTunes user credentials.
Q: Can I backup/sync with iCloud?
A: YES, you can sync: releases, models, locations, settings, custom-templates and branding across ALL your iOS devices and the PDF files are saved to a folder in iCloud-Drive.
Q: Can I use Dropbox?
A: Our iOS version can auto-save PDF files into Dropbox. On Android you can choose it as a "Send to" destination instead of email.
Q: Is Easy Release functional offline with no Internet access?
A: YES, completely. Easy Release is fully functional offline. You should even email the releases when offline because all we do is queue them up in your email app's outbox so they will send automatically once connectivity is restored.
Q: How do I purchase the Advanced Customization Pro-Pack "In-App Purchase?"
A: You are not prompted to purchase until you try to use one of the advanced features.
All of the new features are found via Easy Release >> Settings >> Release Legal Text Defaults >> choose "Model" or "Property" >> If you don't have a custom version, you can create one by touching "+" on the Versions screen.
Now all the new features are on this screen and touching them prompts you to purchase.
Q: If I buy Easy Release for my iPhone do I get it for free for my iPad (or vice-versa)?
A: YES, all "i-devices" managed by the same iTunes account can share app purchases. This also applies to the in-app puchase. The AppStore asks you to "purchase" in-apps but, if it's the same iTunes account, you won't be charged a second time.
Q: I bought it for my Android, do I have to buy it again for my iPad/iPhone, etc (and vice-versa)
A: Yes. While the two versions share an overall design and workflow they required a completely separate development effort and they are sold on our behalf by unrelated retailers Apple and Google.
Q: Can I re-send an email?
A: Select the release from the main screen list, then on the release summary page scroll all the way down to the PDF section and touch the area that say's "Last Sent MM/DD/YY ##:## AM/PM" which will popup the "You, Model or Both" dialogue and then the email client page. Otherwise, you can also touch the "Created:..." button and then on the PDF preview page touch the "Outputs" button at top-right to get the Print or Email menu.
Q: Do you store my release information on your servers? This would not be acceptable for privacy/security reasons.
A: Easy Release is a completely offline app. WE have no connection to your data in any way.
We built all the functionality into Easy Release to make it a self-contained and standalone app.
This was more difficult than just putting all the PDF creation, release management, distribution and other heavy lifting on a server but much more secure for you and your clients.
Q: How do I add/enter a custom release text?
A: (iPhone) Custom model or property releases can be added from the settings menu in as many versions as you wish. The release text can be typed in directly but the best way is to prepare the text in an email to yourself, then copy-paste it into Easy Release. You can select which model/property release version to use on a per-release basis.
The steps for adding a custom release are as follows: Settings >> Release Legal Text Defaults Section >> Touch either model or property standard >> touch Edit >> then "+" to add new >> type a name and title text for your new release >> then type or paste legal text.

A: (ANDROID) You can import text file from SD card (easy!) or you can copy/paste it (a little harder), here's how - step-by-step:
To get some text in the clipboard 1. Unlike iPhone, most of the email programs on Android do not allow you to copy text from received emails.
2. To get around this, send yourself the release text in an email as an attached text file, rather than in the body of the email.
3. If you select the attached file once you receive it on your Android device, Android will try to launch any installed app that is registered to edit text files.
4. Most text edit programs do allow you to copy the contents of text files they open, so use your text editor to do this. Often long- pressing on the text will bring up a context menu with a Copy option. (free software "TxtPad Lite")

Steps in Easy Release for Android (assuming you have text in clipboard)
1. Open App
2. Menu -> Settings
3. Tap on Model or Property in the Release Legal Text Default section
4. Tap on the plus icon in lower right (to add new custom release)
5. Tap on "Legal Text" field, to select it and bring up the keyboard.
Then you can either
6a. Long-press on the "Legal text" field again to bring up context menu with Paste option
6b. Menu -> Paste Over, which will replace the contents of the Legal Text field with whatever is in the clipboard
Q: What size should my custom logo be?
A: You can try anything you want because Easy Release will resize and then you can output a test release PDF to see how it looks/prints. But if you really want to know the gritty details of sizes and aspect ratios, here you go:

Max height: 120 pixels - Max width: 1716 pixels
This is "scaled down" (not resized) in the PDF to a maximum of 20x286 pixels for display.
Q: Which languages are supported in Easy Release?
A: iOS: Release PDF's can be produced in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese(Taiwan), Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Dutch, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.

*ANDROID: Release PDF's can be produced in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese(Taiwan) and Portuguese (European and Brazilian).

For iOS devices the user interface (UI) is translated into 6 languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French and Swedish.
*ANDROID UI is only in English at this time.
Q: Who should use Easy Release?
A: The short answer is probably everyone at some point! Professional photographers can use it all the time but advanced amateurs, wedding photographers, real estate brokers, dentists or anyone who thinks they may need more than just "editorial or private use/display" rights to an image at some point.
Q: Can I add my own legal text?
A: YES, you can create as many custom release template versions as you like.
Q: Is there a user manual?
A: There is in-context help throughout the app. On most screens you can find an info (i) button to access a help text that relates to the page you are viewing. *ANDROID: the (i) button is accessed from the menu button.
Q: What's the best way to get a new feature I'm requesting?
A: We've added many features since our initial release and released many updates (20+ at last count on iOS) - far more frequently than most apps. Many have been feature suggestions from our fantastic users and we always appreciate their feedback. We can't guarantee to make every change or add every feature that gets suggested but we try to be responsive and accomodating if it fits with our own development goals and also within the scope of Easy Release. So in short, a nice email is the best way. Note: There are a very small number of users who take a "hostage" approach to feature requests and give us a low rating on the app store promising to increase their rating IF we do what they say. This approach is extremely counter productive. Lowering our average rating can potentialy damage our sales and lower sales mean fewer features get added. Remember if you love Easy Release, we need ratings on every new version release! :)
Q: What about my language "XXXXX" Can I do the translation for you?
A: We use a professional translation service and will add new languages as demand dictates.
Q: What about other platforms like: Android, Windows Mobile 7, Blackberry etc...
A: Our Android version has been released on the Android Market since 07/11/2010.  We are definitely thinking about other platforms but have not made any firm decisions yet. It will depend on demand and other factors. 
Q: Why is Easy Release better than its competitors?
A: Ultimately you must be the judge of that but we would say its because of the many "professional touches", our exhaustive list of exclusive features and our commitment to continue to add to them! We charge more, we never go on sale, ever and we deliver the best product by any objective measure.
Q: Do the "big" stock agencies accept Easy Release?
A: Getty Images, iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, BigStock, Dreamstime, Dissolve, Alamy and others have publicly stated they accept releases generated by Easy Release as well as many other stock photo companies.  We suggest you contact your agency directly to find out for yourself.