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Branding of PDF output check!
Company Contact Info (URL, Tel) Yes Yes
Company Name Yes Yes
Logo (jpg, png) Yes Yes
Customization check!
Per Release Legal Addendum Yes Yes
Preformated Data Section Yes Yes
Embed Field Data in Legal Text via Placeholders Yes Yes All data fields can now be "placed" inline with the legal text for both Android and iOS
Custom Legal Text Yes Yes Unlimited versions
Ease of use check!
Auto-save Partial Complete Releases & Return Later Yes Yes
Re-Use Previous Property Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Properties for selection and re-use.
Re-Use Previous Witness Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Witnesses for selection and re-use.
Re-Use Previous Model Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Models for selection and re-use.
Re-Use Previous Shoot Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Shoots for selection and re-use.
Easily clear edit fields Yes Yes
"Wizard" (step-by-step data entry guidance) Yes Yes Optional to use.
Import Model Data from Addressbook Yes Yes
Localization and Language Support check!
UI Localized Yes Yes iOS and Android Easy Release Pro (v3.4+) UI: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French and Swedish.
Built-In Releases (Model & Property) in Multiple Languages Yes Yes iOS and Android Easy Release Pro (v3.4+) Release PDF's can be produced in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese(Taiwan) and Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian.
Model Data Collected check!
Parent's Name Yes Yes Mandatory for minors, optional for 21 and under.
Age Yes Yes Date can be by-passed with Adult/Minor buttons but not recommended.
Ethnicity Yes Yes Optional but is a valuable stock photography demographic keyword when model self-identifies.
Gender (sex) Yes Yes
Contact Info (email, phone) Yes Yes
Address Yes Yes
Name Yes Yes Required
Release Integrity check!
Save and Re-Use Photographer's Signature Yes Yes Optional
Requires Photographer's Signature Yes Yes
Requires Parent or Guardian Name and Signature for Minors Yes Yes Calculated from DOB when entered.
Requires Model's DOB Yes Yes Optionally you can enter just Adult or Minor instead of DOB but this isn't recommended.
Clears Signatures if Release Text of Data Changes Yes Yes
Witness Name & Signature Yes Yes Optional
Embed a Photo in Release PDF Yes Yes
Release Management check!
iCloud Sync No Yes iCloud Sync: releases, models, locations, settings, custom-templates and branding across all your iOS devices.
Dropbox, Google Drive Yes Yes Auto-Save PDF files to Cloud Storage
iOS: Dropbox and/or Google-Drive and/or iCloud-Drive
Android: Dropbox and/or Google-Drive and/or OneDrive
Send multiple release PDF’s No Yes You can now send PDF files from an entire shoot or day in one email.
Auto-Delete Old Completed Releases Yes Yes Optional (Delete 'Sent' releases older than 30 days)
Print Release PDF Yes Yes (*iOS AirPrint)
Email Release PDF Yes Yes
Output a PDF Yes Yes
Shoot Data Collected check!
Photographer's Name, Email, and Contact Info (URL) Yes Yes Stored in Default Settings
Date Yes Yes
Location Country & Region Yes Yes Via GPS if device supports.
Name & Reference/ID Yes Yes
Advanced Customization Pro-Pack - In App Purchase check!
Import/Export Custom Versions yes Yes Share custom templates via email. Recipients just click on the link in the email to import your template.
Custom Fields yes Yes

  • If the built-in fields are not enough, you can now add custom fields

  • As many as you want

  • Three types: Text, Long Text, and Date

  • Specify a label and default value for each one

  • You can mark any custom field as 'required'

Optional Fields yes Yes

  • You can turn off some of the old built-in fields, and/or turn on some new built-in fields.

  • You can choose to turn off Witness, Gender and/or Ethnicity.

  • You can turn on Shoot End Date, which allows your release to cover a range of dates, rather than just a single day.

  • You can turn on Other Names. This adds two fields to your release: Stage Name and All Other Names. Use this to help collect required 2257 information for your models and performers.

  • You can turn on Compensation. This adds two fields to your release: Amount and Tax ID.

Multiple Branding Yes Yes You can define more than one brand, and easily select the brand you want on a per-template and per-release basis.

A selection of App Store Reviews:

  • 1. Easy Release -
    ★★★★★ By: mikeooooo345 - 2020-08-10
    I just started using this app but I am extremely impressed by it. Excellent and quick response from the support team. Would highly recommend this to any photographer seeking an online, easily available solution to getting model/property release from clients

  • 2. Can you email to GET a signature? (Instead of signing on phone?)
    ★★★★★ By: Tarasuetx - 2020-04-16
    I’m now taking photos that require social distancing. Even handing someone a stylus that’s been hand-sanitized isn’t safe during COVID-19. I’d like to be able to email the release to the model for them to sign and return via email. Is this possible? Updated: Thanks for your response. I couldn’t find contact info for support in the app. Is it the option for “Feedback”? I sent an email using that but wasn’t sure if it was the right place.

  • 3. Life saver
    ★★★★★ By: Dining Divas tv - 2020-03-18
    Was looking high and low for something this awesome for my tv show. I never take time to write reviews but this is worth one

  • 4. LOVE this ap
    ★★★★★ By: Nashville jammer - 2020-02-09
    This ap is everything I want it to be. It makes model releases so easy and organized. No more papers. It works great for me and I highly recommend it as a pro photographer.

  • 5. Does all the hard work for me
    ★★★★★ By: Nessa Nessa Ness - 2020-02-07
    Was recommended to me by other videographers. I don’t know what I would do without this app. It does all the hard work for me. I’m still fairly new to model and property releases and I love knowing that I’m covered for each shoot. So convenient, easy to use, it’s almost too good to be true. I suddenly lost the ability to email the releases my way. Contacted customer support and received a detailed response within 24 hours. Problem solved. Definitely recommend!!!

  • 6. Great app
    ★★★★ By: Mehdi Fx - 2020-01-14
    If we can archive previous documents or hide , it shod be better.

  • 7. Terrific app and great support
    ★★★★★ By: jakopz - 2020-01-12
    Easy and quick. Fabulous support as well. No brainer if you need model releases on the fly.

  • 8. Bug
    ★★★★ By: Jonathan1973 - 2020-01-11
    Text is all white with new update. Cannot see what I am writing

  • 9. Worth it
    ★★★★★ By: JeffKontur - 2019-10-09
    As literally the only electronic release that some agencies will accept, I initially resented having to get this app. Especially in the age of “everything is available for free”. I felt like I was being pushed into buying something I didn’t want or need. Having used it for several months now, I’ve totally changed my mind. This is truly a great app. It has a well thought-out interface and terrific support. When I contacted support recently about a perceived problem, they didn’t just help me out. We actually exchanged 6-7 emails as they helpfully explained a “hidden” feature in the app. With automatic saving of releases to multiple cloud platforms, my releases are always available where and when I need them. I wish I had gotten it much sooner!

  • 10. Great time saver!
    ★★★★★ By: ♥Photography♥ - 2019-07-11
    Most used app on my iPad, can’t believe I ever worked without it. Thanks for the great support too!

  • 11. Perfect for the camera bag
    ★★★★ By: VonRC - 2019-04-15
    I’ve been using this for all my releases for more than two years now. It’s nice to be able to have multiple different releases you can setup for the various situation you’ll be shooting photos in. Having your models and shoot info on the device makes for quick releases. Adding new models, shoots, and property is relatively quick as well so if your on location with new people you can just quickly add them. Saving and sending completed releases to your model is a breeze. The app will also save them to iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox. It is missing OneDrive though. You won’t regret purchasing this app. This one won’t break the bank and is very useful. As a photographer we spend thousands on our equipment and this is another tool you need in your bag so you can afford to skip a latte or two and purchase this.

  • 12. Great and quick customer service!
    ★★★★★ By: Mitch Crane - 2019-03-08
    They addressed some questions I had about custom fields and solved it very quickly! App is working great!

  • 13. Best App for Model Releases
    ★★★★★ By: J Pineda - 2019-02-25
    This app is one I have in every device. Since I always have my phone and IPads with me, I always have my needed releases. The customization helps me create and store the different types of releases needed for my different jobs. I only wish it was easier to add the custom fields, it is a pain to create the place holders. But nonetheless, once you learn how, it’s more than sufficient.

  • 14. Great App
    ★★★★★ By: HKGMD - 2019-01-12
    Easy to use and it works flawlessly

  • 15. Excellent product if you work with many models!
    ★★★★★ By: Carlos TP - 2019-01-11
    Has saved me much time as well provided an easy way to have multiple contracts A perfect tool to facilitate paperwork and provide a consolidated archive of all model releases

  • 16. Love!
    ★★★★★ By: CeeGee55 - 2018-12-02
    I’ve been using the app since it first came out and was the only one I have used. It’s easy to use, fast and any model I have worked with loves that they get their release before they walk out the door signed, sealed and delivered!!! Keep up the great work guys!!

  • 17. Efficient and consistent
    ★★★★★ By: L Kuo - 2018-10-01
    I have used easy release for many years, and it’s been consistently reliable, and very helpful. It’s interface is easy to use, and most importantly, and what is essential, is that they are very knowledgeable, and quick to provide solutions. Customer service also responds immediately. It’s been a terrific resource for me when I need signatures in the field.

  • 18. Great app and great customer service
    ★★★★★ By: Jennlee219 - 2018-09-07
    The best deal for such an affordable price. Extremely reliable and professional. Must have for all professional photographers. Wonderful customer service as well.

  • 19. Great App and Support!
    ★★★★★ By: caylorb - 2018-07-12
    Just started using the app and it’s filling out needs perfectly! Having Dropbox and google sync integration is very useful. I had contacted the developer with a question and they immediately responded back and came up with a solution for my specific need! I look forward to finding great success with this app.

  • 20. Great app. Great support.
    ★★★★★ By: RedBearMich - 2018-07-05
    I don’t remember how much I paid for the app originally and I did purchase all the add-ons and I have to say it was and is completely worth the cost. I am an amateur photographer that love shooting people and this has made it easier to have the paperwork with me without having to carry paperwork with me. It helps to protect the models and me. The customizable features are great. I find examples all over the web and can customize them to my need depending on the subject matter. With regards to support, I have reached out once and received a reply in less than an hour. Great customer service. Finally, it should be noted that the doesn’t provide legal advice. If you want to be 100% sure, check the language of your release forms with an attorney. This app is only a tool. A great tool but should not replace legal advice. Keep up the great work.

  • 21. Works well, diligent developer
    ★★★★★ By: B-House - 2018-06-23
    This app has come a long way and the developer has been really good at keeping it up to date. From 2 stars to 5. Only thing I would App is a finger print requirement option to launch the app.

  • 22. This is a great app
    ★★★★★ By: andy4quarts - 2018-06-13
    Saves me a ton of time. Easy to use and works great!

  • 23. Works well, easy to use, harder to set up
    ★★★★ By: Jyunte - 2018-04-19
    Easy Release works well on my iPad Pro 10.5" (2017). It requires Apple Mail to be configured if you want to email releases directly from the app. I don't use Apple Mail, so this is an annoyance, but as long as I don't actively run Apple Mail, it won't download mail as I've set it to fetch mail manually. Having the releases upload directly to Dropbox is great! You can purchase a couple of different upgrades from inside Easy Release, but there's no way to test them out to see if you really need them. So far, for me, I haven't needed the upgrades. I tend to agree with other reviewers in that we've paid for the app, it seems a bit strange for the developers to charge nearly 25% more for some features which many believe should be part of the app. Technical Support from the developer was fast and thorough.

  • 24. Almost Perfect
    ★★★★ By: shlemish - 2017-10-16
    Would like the ability to customize a little bit more, like being able to delete some of the built in questions that are unnecessary for my model release to make my signing process quicker. Absolutely needs full iCloud syncing so I can see all of my releases (not just model photos....) from my iPad or iPhone. And it could stand to look a little nicer, less 1990 and a little more 2017 with nice typefaces and a lighter more modern look. Definitely gets the job done, but not without picky gripes. Would recommend overall and haven't found an app that looks better that does everything I need (custom release, model photo, signatures, QUICK for fast paced events)

  • 25. Excellent App.
    ★★★★★ By: Uncle MJ - 2017-09-14
    Up until i found this app everything I had done in the way of recording models releases was done on paper. Unfortunately more times than not I lost the paperwork. In addition to those problems I also had to keep redoing the paperwork even though I had worked with the model several times in the past. This app makes it easy to bring forward all the information for a particular model as well as make note of any particular occurrences during the shoot.

  • 26. An Awesome Product
    ★★★★★ By: Peterb63 - 2017-08-26
    This app does everything you'll need to do for model releases. From text customization to modifying required fields, this is a video or photographers dream application!

  • 27. Loved it till iOS 10
    ★★★★★ By: Black Cat Modeling - 2017-08-14
    Awesome little app! Been using it for at least eight years and hundreds of releases Michael

  • 28. Not a bad app… with some glitches
    ★★★★ By: Bake man - 2017-07-20
    The only issue I find with the app is sometimes after a model signs it, it doesn't always go through or just vanishes and then shows up without a signature. Which leads me to a question is there a way you can develop inside of this app so that if this happens I can send the release form to the model to be signed? What if for example you doing a shoot and totally forget to have them sign it?

  • 29. Love it
    ★★★★★ By: Jnfutrell - 2017-07-18
    Love the app! Use it often. Great tool! Would like to see update that would include TFP releases!

  • 30. Outstanding
    ★★★★★ By: Photog 33 - 2017-07-02
    This little app fulfills its promise. Layout and sign off procedure are friendly and quick. Also, responsive and helpful tech support. I also purchased the advanced customization add-on.