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  • Professional-grade model releases, created and signed, right on your iPhone, iPad and now even: ANDROID!
  • User-friendly "wizard" style interface guides you step-by-step.
  • 17 built-in release translations - and 6 full user-interface translations!
  • Approved by the leading stock photo agencies: Getty Images, iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, BigStock, Dreamstime, Alamy and many, many others
  • PDF format (and optional JPEG) – emailed right to you!
  • Includes a picture of the model or property right on the release.
  • Sign on the touch screen using your finger or a stylus.
  • New version 3.1 now in AppStore! iCloud Sync, support for our Advanced Customization Pro-Pack and Multi-Page releases In-App purchases, and more!
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Branding of PDF output check!
Company Contact Info (URL, Tel) Yes Yes
Company Name Yes Yes
Logo (jpg, png) Yes Yes
Customization check!
Per Release Legal Addendum Yes Yes
Preformated Data Section Yes Yes
Embed Field Data in Legal Text via Placeholders Yes Yes iOS: All data fields can now be "placed" in text
*ANDROID: The following fields can be placed

%PHOTOGRAPHER% will be replaced with the photographer's name
%MODEL% will be replaced with the model's name (model releases only)
%PROPERTY% will be replaced with the name/description of the property (property releases only)
%OWNER% will be replaced with the owner's name (property releases only)
%COMPANY% will be replaced with the corporation name

If the property is owned by an individual, %COMPANY% will be replaced by the owner's name (property releases only)
Custom Legal Text Yes Yes Unlimited versions
Ease of use check!
Auto-save Partial Complete Releases & Return Later Yes Yes
Re-Use Previous Property Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Properties for selection and re-use.
Re-Use Previous Witness Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Witnesses for selection and re-use.
Re-Use Previous Model Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Models for selection and re-use.
Re-Use Previous Shoot Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Shoots for selection and re-use.
Easily clear edit fields Yes Yes
"Wizard" (step-by-step data entry guidance) Yes Yes Optional to use.
Import Model Data from Addressbook Yes Yes
Localization and Language Support check!
UI Localized No Yes iOS: German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French and Swedish.
*ANDROID UI is only in English at this time.
Built-In Releases (Model & Property) in Multiple Languages Yes Yes iOS: Release PDF's can be produced in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese(Taiwan) and Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian.
*ANDROID: Release PDF's can be produced in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese(Taiwan) and Portuguese (European and Brazilian).
Model Data Collected check!
Parent's Name Yes Yes Mandatory for minors, optional for 21 and under.
Age Yes Yes Date can be by-passed with Adult/Minor buttons but not recommended.
Ethnicity Yes Yes Optional but is a valuable stock photography keyword when model self-identifies.
Gender (sex) Yes Yes
Contact Info (email, phone) Yes Yes
Address Yes Yes
Name Yes Yes Required
Release Integrity check!
Save and Re-Use Photographer's Signature Yes Yes Optional
Requires Photographer's Signature Yes Yes
Requires Parent or Guardian Name and Signature for Minors Yes Yes Calculated from DOB when entered.
Requires Model's DOB Yes Yes Optionally you can enter just Adult or Minor instead of DOB but this isn't recommended.
Clears Signatures if Release Text of Data Changes Yes Yes
Witness Name & Signature Yes Yes Optional
Embed a Photo in Release PDF Yes Yes
Release Management check!
iCloud Sync No Yes iCloud Sync: releases, models, locations, settings, custom-templates and branding across all your iOS devices.
Send multiple release PDF’s No Yes You can now send PDF’s from an entire shoot or day in one email.
Auto-Delete Old Completed Releases Yes Yes Optional (Delete 'Sent' releases older than 30 days)
Print Release PDF Yes Yes (*iOS AirPrint)
Email Release PDF Yes Yes
Output a PDF Yes Yes
Shoot Data Collected check!
Photographer's Name, Email, and Contact Info (URL) Yes Yes Stored in Default Settings
Date Yes Yes
Location Country & Region Yes Yes Via GPS if device supports.
Name & Reference/ID Yes Yes
Advanced Customization Pro-Pack - In App Purchase check!
Import/Export Custom Versions No Yes Share custom templates via email. Recipients just click on the link in the email to import your template.
Custom Fields No Yes

  • If the built-in fields are not enough, you can now add custom fields

  • As many as you want

  • Three types: Text, Long Text, and Date

  • Specify a label and default value for each one

  • You can mark any custom field as 'required'

Optional Fields No Yes

  • You can turn off some of the old built-in fields, and/or turn on some new built-in fields.

  • You can choose to turn off Witness, Gender and/or Ethnicity.

  • You can turn on Shoot End Date, which allows your release to cover a range of dates, rather than just a single day.

  • You can turn on Other Names. This adds two fields to your release: Stage Name and All Other Names. Use this to help collect required 2257 information for your models and performers.

  • You can turn on Compensation. This adds two fields to your release: Amount and Tax ID.

Multiple Branding No Yes You can define more than one brand, and easily select the brand you want on a per-template and per-release basis.

A selection of App Store reviews from US and Canadian users

Works Great - ★★★★★

by JohnRRRRRRTT - Version 1.8.110117 - 17 July 2011

This APP is superior to a paper release in many ways. It is neater, it sends a release to both you and the model, and it includes a photo of the model on the release. Although you can sign with your finger, I prefer to use an iPhone stylus. I had an issue with the company logo not appearing in my releases and when I contacted customer support they were able to assist me with the problem. So between the good product and the good customer support I give this release my highest rating.

Awesome app and support - ★★★★★

by Nam p - Version 1.8.110117 - 29 June 2011

Awesome app. Love the fact that you can customize the language and if you're clever enough, this is all you need for wedding and event contracts. Also, the support is quick and top notch. I sent them email late one night and they responded first thing in the morning. Two thumbs up!

Perfect app of it's kind - ★★★★★

by VulpineBoi221 - Version 1.8.110117 - 26 May 2011

I am very impressed with this app. It allows you to, not only acquire signatures and releases from clients but organize those releases in a very easy to use, efficient way. Not to mention the fact that presenting my ipad to a client gives me one more small step up in reputation for my adaptation of technology. Well done.

Great APP!!! - ★★★★★

by GusDoeMatik - Version 1.8.110117 - 23 May 2011

I purchased the app right after emailing the developer, asking several questions. Within a few hours they responded and sent me a sample PDF. I liked what I saw, what I read in the reviews, and what they wrote as a description. I purchased it. Set it up for my preferences. And was good to go. That same day I shot a model had them sign it and it worked like a charm. The model even liked the ease and convience of the app. Great app. Thank you and keep up the good work. If I had to add to the app it would be: 1) allow for custom papers/backgrounds (letter heads) 2) add more %****% features like ( %PARENT% %EMAIL% %ADDRESS% %PHONE%) and such. To better customize the layout. Other than that I find no flaws in the app. It works perfect.

WOW - ★★★★★

by z3r01 - Version 1.8.110117 - 22 May 2011

JUST AMAZING, i wish i didnt spend money on the app before

Just what I needed - ★★★★

by MGPhoto - Version 1.8.110117 - 03 May 2011

Just what I needed since i never seem to have a paper form with me when I need it. Works like a charm for all it's worth. Now I just wish they would add more contract ability, such as a wedding or commercial photography contract! Four stars only because I want more, and I judge hard. I reserve the top score for nothing less than outstanding.

Buy it - ★★★★★

by william 53 - Version 1.8.110117 - 23 August 2011

I have the IPod Touch works so Easily it blow me away Fantastic Murray Jenkins

Great Tool - ★★★★★

by RAD Photo - Version 1.8.110117 - 12 August 2011

Works like a charm and the support people are awesome. A very handy tool that adds to the professional look and feel of a shoot.

The best, most useful app for photographers! - ★★★★★

by Cliff.S - Version 1.8.110117 - 14 June 2011

This app is the absolute best of it's kind!! Every Photographer should have Easy Release. Talk about EASY - works like a charm with NO bugs, no learning curve, no filler stuff etc. Just plain genius! I used to always forget to bring release forms but thanks to this app, I've got a signed release with every single model I've worked with since buying it!! And the instant email function is pure gold - both model, and photog, get the fully completed release immediately! And, last but not least, their support is prompt and very helpful! I emailed them some questions and within 24 hours I had the answers!! Definitely 5 Stars and highly recommended ~ Cliff

best photographer app IMHO - ★★★★★

by checb - Version 1.8.110117 - 13 April 2011

This app is great! Even after only creating 2 model releases, I am in love with it. It's so much easier, and convenient, to create the release electronically, and being able to add a photo to the resulting PDF and having it emailed to you and the model is a great feature. I wish I had this app (and an iPad) years ago!

Worked as promised - ★★★★★

by Jting88 - Version 1.8.110117 - 10 April 2011

I can say anything bad about it. It did exactly what I expected and worked really well on location. Highly recommend for anyone dealing with models. It showed a level of professionalism that set the tone before the shooting started.

Awesome , - ★★★★★

by C-Photo - Version 1.8.110117 - 08 April 2011

Nice application, easy to use. Every photographer should consider to get this, for 10$, it totally worth it !

Simply Awesome ! - ★★★★★

by JanZlin - Version 1.8.110117 - 19 February 2011

This application is a must for any pro photographer or serious amateur .... Do not leave your studio with out it. Simple as that !